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Get Your Fitness Motivation Back..

You’ve looked in the fridge, you’ve looked under your bed and you’ve even checked your car boot, your fitness motivation is nowhere to be seen. It happens to all of us, even the people you least expect it from: personal trainers.

I have been training in the gym for about 4 years and have always been super motivated ever since I started. However, recently I have felt the need to force myself to stay late and get my workouts done, while before I would have waited impatiently all day for my time to train.

So, when this happens, how do we get stuck into it again? 

First of all, do not feel guilty for how you are feeling and the fact you missed a couple of workouts. This is not the end of the world and, as I just said, it happens to everyone. Beating yourself up is not going to get your mojo back, if anything it is going to make you even more upset and unhappy with your current situation. So what, you missed a couple of sessions? You have time to make up for it!

Secondly, when you are not at your best, it is easy to go on Instagram and see everyone else banging on about their amazing workout and healthy perfectly laid out lunch. Instagram does not portray reality and we all have lives going on in the background so no point comparing yourself to what people decide to show on social media. Don’t get me wrong, I have met so many lovely people through Instagram which I probably would never have met otherwise. I am just saying to use social media to elevate and inspire you, not to feel any less than any one else on there.

What you need to find deep inside yourself is your WHY! Whatever your motive, may it be to feel more confident, to be healthier, to fit into a pair of jeans, to correct imbalances in your body or to alleviate stress, just refresh that thought in your mind. That is your ultimate motivation! Positive reinforcement is key and if your brain links the stimulus of exercise with positive feelings, your motivation to exercise will come back in no time and be stronger than ever!

There are some tricks you can try help you out in the process:

  • Get a good PLAYLIST! Beats that make you feel pumped and occasionally make you throw a little wiggle in there..

  • Treat yourself as a REWARD for your hard work. I do not mean by eating chocolate, rather buy yourself those leggings you have always wanted or a new pair of headphones.. you know, to bang those tunes..

  • Challenge yourself and do SOMETHING DIFFERENT. There are so many ways of exercising. If the weights are getting a bit repetitive, go put all that strength you built in the gym to good use and try climbing, mountain biking, hot yoga, boxing, Crossfit and I’ll stop here because this list could be endless..

  • Find yourself a PARTNER IN CRIME, aka someone you are accountable to for going to the gym and who can tell you if your leggings are not squat proof after all..

  • Last but not least, get yourself a good PERSONAL TRAINER. Even though I am a PT myself, I still train with my coach twice a week. Having someone to correct your posture, write a workout for you on the board and someone who will give your own motivation an extra push might make all the difference..

Now let’s go smash it!



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