Breakfast Pancakes..

This recipe came about when I wanted to start eating something other than porridge for breakfast to reduce my carb intake and incorporate more protein into my breakfast routine. It took me a few attempts to get it right but now I can literally do it with my eyes closed and absolutely savour waking up in the morning for my pancake ritual.


– 100g Egg Whites

– 20g Protein Powder or Coconut Flour

– 10g Chia Seeds

– 10g Milled Flaxseed

– 5g Baking Powder


Whisk everything together, put some coconut oil in your pan so it does not stick and pour the mixture. Once it becomes firm enough, flip and allow to cook on other side, then it’s ready! Easy..

For the toppings I usually use: Greek Yogurt, Berries, Pecan Nuts  and some Agave Nectar, if I need a sweet awakening. However, you can top the pancake with anything you fancy!

I have tried many protein powders with this recipe but the one I highly recommend is the Organic Vegan Blend by The Proper Food Project.

The ingredients are simple: 50% rice protein and 50% pea protein. No hidden names or agendas! The company’s ethos is “Organic doesn’t cost the Earth” and I just think that says it all really. Additionally, £1 of every purchase goes to supporting education in Africa.. does not get much better than this. Oh wait it does.. the pack you will receive is personalised with your name!!